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A Russian mission to the moon nearly 50 years later

gency. Russia launched the lunar mission Luna 25 on Friday. Luna was launched with the aim of becoming the first country to make a soft landing at the South Pole on the Moon.

Russia, which is facing Western sanctions due to its war with Ukraine, has said it will send more lunar probes. It has also said that it will continue the space mission together with China. Russia launched the first lunar rover in 1976.

Luna-25 will land on the Moon’s South Pole. It is believed that there can be water in this pole of the moon.

China and the US have started preparatory missions to bring spacecraft to the southern region of the moon. It is also seen as a kind of competition in the moon of interest with China and America.

This spacecraft will land on the surface of the moon before Chandrayaan 3 launched by India on July 14.

The Russian space agency Roscosmos said Luna 925 was launched from the Vostoni Cosmodrome on a Soyuz 2.1B rocket. The location is about 5,500 km east of Moscow.

Luna 25 has a rover and a lander. Its lander weighs 800 kg. It is said to practice ‘soft landing’ first. It will then collect a sample of lunar soil and begin analysis.

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