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How much is Tiger Woods net worth?

-Tanka khadka

Football is the most celebrated sport around the globe but golfer Tiger Woods is
a name that ticks inside people head when they talk about golf. After
establishing himself as the successful athlete woods do have a good financial
success. Tiger Woods is the first golfer to reach the b

illion dollar mark in terms
of net worth. Tiger Woods dedication and commitment towards winning and
passion and love for the game of golf has made him one of the most successful
sportsman of all time and with no doubt he is the greatest golfer of all time.
Let’s take a look at the remarkable success of the athlete and greatest golfer of
all time.

Birth and early life
Tiger Woods is an American Professional Golfer born on 30th of December
1975 in United States of America. Tiger was nicknamed by his father as an
honor to his fiend colonel Vuong Dang. Born from an African-American father
and Asian mother Tiger describes his identity as Cablinasian. Tiger first
learned to play golf from his father when he was only two years of age.

Tiger Woods was exceptional player early from his childhood participating in youth
tournaments and showing his talent. Golfer Tiger Woods didn’t complete his
further education instead turned into a professional golfer.

Professional Life
Very fond of winning since his childhood Woods was dominant figure in
college golf in his time finally turning into a professional in the year 1996.
After starting his professional career only at the age 20 Tiger had established
himself into the greatest golfer of all time. No any professional golfer had
managed to win more than him.

Three Grand Slams, 82 PGA tour wins, along with fifteen major titles are the
part of his successes as an athlete on the pitch. He too has filled his pockets with
numerous player of year awards.

Since 2006 Tiger had started designing golf course. Designing golf courses and
financial earning from them adds icing on cake for Woods enormous wealth.
Year 2009 to 2012 was a dark phase in athlete career. Divorce with his beloved
wife along with tons of controversy and drama in media couldn’t stop him from
winning the Arnold Palmer Invitational his first PGA Tour victory since 2009.
He was named PGA Tour player of the year for the 11th time in the year 2013.
Winning the masters in 2019 after a decade long drought of major trophies
might be the turning point in the remarkable career of Tiger Woods.

Injuries and setbacks
Tiger Woods career is full of victory as well as like any other athlete he had to
deal with many injuries on and off the pitch throughout his career. After dealing
with injuries for many years of his professional life Woods had done his fourth
back surgery in the year 2017 according to Biography Newsletter. Death of his
father in the year 2006 and divorce with his loving wife Ellen in the year 2009
has hugely hammered players personal life.

Arthroscopic surgery in 2009 really hit him hard he won the U.S. open that year
but his net worth gradually decline that year.
After controversial year of 2009 many brands quit their connection with Tiger
woods but Nike has always remained loyal with him during hard times. Other
endorsers pulled away from him because of his relationships rumors started
breaking on American media.

In the year 2017 he was arrested by police while he was driving recklessly. He
later thanked the police for their fulfilling their responsibility and showing
mannerism he apologize too.
Woods was involved in car accident in February of 2021. He was later
hospitalized by Los Angeles county firefighters and parademics from condition
of life and death.

Connection with brands and endorsements
Endorsement deals with larger brands are the part of Woods financial empire off
the pitch.
Like every other highest earning athlete Tiger’s massive earning comes from
endorsement with brands. Various sources about his earning claims that
majority of his earnings are not from golf but other endorsers.

After winning his first major title just at the age of 21 Tiger Woods signed a
five year deal with Nike and Titleist which were of 40 million and 20 million
U.S.D respectively. This was just the start of cash flow in players life. It just
took about eight months for Tiger woods to become a millionaire after turning
professional according to Celebrity Net Worth.

Nike, American Express, Golf Digest, Rolex, Gillette, Accenture, Tag Heuer,
AT&T, EA Sports, NetJets, Upper Deck, Asahi,TLC Laser Eye Centers and
Buick are among the Tiger woods top endorsers and major sources of cash flow
according to Celebrity Net Worth. Bridestone, Taylormade, and Monster
Energy all paying and supplying him on and off the pitch.

Despite making millions from playing golf connection with Mega brands and
cash flow from them is without doubt the major part of his financial success off
the pitch.

Marriage, Relationships and Lifestyle
Married to Sweedish model Elin Nordegren in the year 2004 after finally
breaking up with her in the year 2009 after his relationships with other women
starts hitting the American media. During those years he was top name in
American and sports media community all over the World. Popping out of extra
marital relationships on media has hugely hit woods financially and

Failed relationships with Elin and controversy around media reduced his
earnings. According to Celebrity Net Worth he had to pay 100 million dollars to
Elin as a part of divorce protocols.

He and his wife Ellen have two children son and a daughter named Charlie Axel
Wood and Sam Alexis Wood. Both of his son and daughter catches media
attention often.

Relationship with another American athlete Linsey Vonn who is four time
world cup winner hits media in the year 2013. Vonn too was divorced with
another American alpine ski racer. Images and rumors of Tiger Woods
relationships with new face is seen on media very often.

Life style
Tiger spend his free time with his children, during his free time. According to
USA Today back in 2015 Woods stated that he loves spending time with his
kids, playing soccer and being a responsible father. No matter how is dealing
with his personal and professional life he always had time for them.

According to Golf Monthly Tiger loves all form of sport and basketball, soccer
and diving are among his top favorite.
Tiger Woods is extremely fond of fishing too. Pictures of him fishing in many
water bodies of the world bursts in the internet very often. He too have
withdrawn from many events because of his love for fishing.

Net worth
He is the first athlete to earn a billion dollar in one’s playing career according to
Forbes in the year 2009. In the year 2020 he earn 62.3 million dollar in a single
year joining the list of highest earning top 20 athlete of the year according to
Forbes. He has earn more than a billion after turning into professional golfer in
the year 1996 from course designs, endorsements and media appearance
according to Forbes.

With tons of money pouring inside tigers pit from various sources the athlete
has spent those amount in various other luxuries and assets.

Love for Luxury
All people earning millions have their own love for luxury and art of living rich.
The same implies with tiger who has spent millions of his earning in luxurious
living. With all the expensive items from watches to million dollars yacht Tiger
has spent his earnings on following items.

Million Dollar Yacht (Privacy)
Tiger owns a yacht named privacy costing about 25 million dollar where he
spends his time during golf tournament that are held nearby. The yacht was
bought in 2004 by woods to spend quality time with his family.

G550 jet
G550 jet which costs more than 50 million dollars in which he flies often or
rarely in a decade. This shows the athlete financial success as well as love for
luxury and high profile lifestyle. The Gulfstream G550 is a business jet
designed by General Gulfstream Aerospace unit in Georgia USA.
Jupiter Island Mansion

Situated in small island in Florida this mansion costs more than 50 million.
Mansion has exceptional quality and class and interior contains a basketball and
tennis court as well as two swimming pools. Exterior contains a small golf

Images of celebrities driving expensive cars flows over the internet and media
all day long.Tiger Woods is very fond of collecting cars like other celebrities.
He have huge collection of cars most of which are from USA. According to The
Sun Tiger have huge love for American brands than any other car brands and
his car collection shows how much he loves American brands.

Cadillac Escalade
Tiger loves riding a Escalde. This model was introduced in the year 1999 to
compete against other fast car kings like Mercedes Benz M-class, Ford and
many more. According to New York Times he was riding the same car when
the famous road accident happened in 2009.

Buick Enclave
Due to his long term investments with Buick Tiger had tons of option to pick
from. The starting price of this mid-size SUV is around forty thousand pound.
Due to his long term investments with Buick he too owns other Buicks like
Buick Velite, Buick Bengal and Buick Lacrosse.

Porsche Carrera GTM
Manufactured by German automobile company this car is the king of road.
Many celebrities are fond of this road master. This car can accelerate at speed of
100 mph in just 0.6 seconds. Tiger has spent his earnings to buy this road
master which costs more than five hundred thousand pound.

Mercedes Benz S65
Sources claim that Woods was driving this car when he was arrested by the
police back in the year 2017. According to USA Today he was arrested on the
suspicion of driving under the influence. The photographs of Woods damaged
car too were released by Florida authorities according to USA Today in 2017.

Lamborghini Murcielago
Sports car manufactured by Italian Automotive manufacturer. After its
introduction in 2001 this car has been updated many times and made more
powerful. Tiger too is fond of Lamborghini like other celebrities like Kim
Kardashian, Cristiano Ronaldo, Justin Bieber and many more. Lamborghini is
just another boy toy in Tiger Woods basket of cars.

Others include his Orlando home which he shared with his ex-wife in early
years of their marriage. The home cost was above two million dollars. Solitude
yacht which he bought for his wife to keep her cost him more than 2 million
dollars. Apart from this he owns many real estates and have invested millions in
other forms of business.

The Robin Hood inside Wood
Tiger have huge contributions off the pitch. That is where he spends his earning
for the welfare of others. His earning is not only for his luxurious lifestyles and
adventures but for god deeds too. After earning millions on and off the pitch
Tiger have done some priceless contribution for the benefit of children and the
sport itself.

Tiger Woods Foundation
Tiger Woods Foundation was established 24 years ago by Tiger woods and his
father. The goal of this foundation was to improve the education, health and
welfare of the people. After its establishment the foundation has reached the
height of Himalayas inspiring thousands of children, providing them with
education, skills, and ability to live a better life.

Tiger Woods Learning Center
Tiger Woods Learning Center is an educational established in 2006 by Tiger
Woods. Provides various educational and learning programs for children from
various communities and is located in California U.S.A.

How I Play Golf
This is the book written by Tiger Woods himself where he shares and reveals
fundamentals and principles of his glory. This book is mostly for young golfer
who wants to be professional. This work of Wood shows that he is not only a
great athlete but also a great human being.

Reaching the milestone
Receiving the presidential medal of freedom in 2019 from Trump himself was
just a first half of his career. According to Golf digest Woods will be inducted
into the Hall of Fame. The ceremony has been postponed this year because of
pandemic. Without doubt in today’s world Tiger Woods net worth is over 900
million. With all the ups and downs in his career he is the greatest golfer of all
time as well as one the greatest sportsman the world has ever witnessed.